Gender Sensitization

Gender based discrimination is a commonplace affair in our working areas. Women are the ones who suffer most disproportionately; they shared this in various meetings conducted by Mahan Seva Sansthan. Men generally go out to earn livelihood, don’t help women in household work and women never take any decision related to family matters.

Women are considered secondary and they don’t have a proper status in family and society. She is like an unpaid labour and do not get respect for their work because they are not earning anything directly. Other than household work women can do any type of work as work demands only skill, knowledge and attitude not gender.
To stop this kind of behaviour it is necessary to spread information about the different laws and implementing these laws strongly. Sensitivity towards females should be developed and an equitable environment should be provided. To stop the discrimination we must adopt the education for girls and also send them schools for a lasting societal change.