MSS has a dedicated team of staff with extensive experience in rural development. Over half have been working with MSS for a decade or longer and all are fully committed to the organisation�s vision and mission.

No. Name Qualification Position Experience
1 Mr. Rajendra Gamath M.A. Sociology Director – Administration 25 Years
2 Mr. Lalit Prakash Joshi M.A. Director- Programmes 25 Years
3 Mr. Hasmukh Kumar M.E. Agriculture Agriculture Engineer 6 Years
4 Dr. Anu Jain PhD Programme Coordinator � Education and Health 11 Years
5 Mr. Sundar Sharma B.Com Project Coordinator 17 Years
6 Dr. Pradeep Mathew LL.M, PhD Child Rights Coordinator 8 Years
7 Mr. Sanjay Joshi M.Com Accountant 10 Years
8 Mr. Fateh Singh Rathore B.A. Office Incharge 7 Years
9 Mr. Madhav Sanchihar B.A. Cluster Coordinator 22 Years
10 Mr. Vinod Kalal B.A. Cluster Coordinator 15 Years
11 Mr. Sanjay Seth M.A. Cluster Coordinator 15 Years
12 Mr. Jagdish Lohar B.A., B.Ed. Cluster Coordinator 4 Years
13 Ms. Narbada Purbia 12th Cluster Coordinator 16 Years
14 Ms. Rashmi Joshi M.A. SHG Coordinator 13 Years
15 Mr. Ganesh Lal Kalal PGDRD Field Coordinator 4 Years
16 Mr. Pratap Singh 12th Field Coordinator 11 Years
17 Mr. Gulab Singh B.A. Field Coordinator 18 Years
18 Mr. Hem Raj 12th Field Coordinator 15 Years
19 Mr. Bhairulal Patel B.A. Field Coordinator 6 Years

Governing Body

No. Name Position Occupation Year First Associated with MSS
1 Mr. Lalit Prakash Joshi President Social Worker 1989
2 Mr. Pratap Singh Garasia Vice President Social Worker 1991
3 Mr. Rajendra Gamath Secretary Social Worker 1989
4 Mr. Shankar Lal Sharma Treasurer Social Worker 2002
5 Dr. R.L. Soni Member Social Worker 2002
6 Ms. Deepti Sharma Member Advocate 1999
7 Ms. Dolat Devi Purbia Member Social Worker 1998
8 Ms. Prem Devi Meghwal Member Social Worker 1999
9 Ms. Champa Bai Member Housewife 1999
10 Ms. Dhanni Bai Member Housewife 1999
11 Ms. Bhuri Bai Member Housewife 1999
12 Mr. Goverdhan Chaudhary Member Service 1998
13 Ms. Banshi Lal Brahman Member Service 1991