Over the years MSS has produced a wide range of publications based on the expertise that the organisation has developed. A selection of these publications are available below. All documents are in Hindi unless otherwise stated.


  • Life Skills Education, Understand Life Skills
    Jeevan Kaushal Shiksha Jeevan Kaushalta Ko Samjhe
  • Child Marriage
    Bal Vivah
  • Adolescence (Come and Learn About Adolescence)
    Kishorvastha (Aau Kishorvastha Ke Bare Me Jane)
  • Adolescent Reproductive Health
    Kishorvastha Me Prajanan Svasthya
  • Your Confusion, Our Solutions (Come Learn the Truth) – Sexual & Reproductive Health
    Ulajhan Apki Sulajhan Hamari (Aau Jane Sacchai Kya Hai)
  • Rajasthan Government Guidelines for Panchayat-Level & Block-Level Child Protection Committees
    Gram Panchayat Stheriya Bal Sanrakshan Samiti/Block Stheriya Bal Sanrakshan Samiti Ke Gadan Hetu Rajasthan Sarkar Ke Disha-Nirdesh
  • Rajasthan Government Guidelines for School Management Committees
    Vidhalya Prabandhan Samiti Hetu Rajasthan Sarkar Ke Disha-Nirdesh
  • School Development Plan Training Materials
    Vidalya Vikas Yojana Ki Prashikshan Samagri
  • Specified and Necessary Standards – Right to Education Act
    Nidharit Manak Evam Anivaryataye

Brochures and Booklets
  • Bal Panchayat – An Idea
    Bal Panchayat – Ek Vichar
  • Child Friendly Panchayats – Children’s View
    Bal Mitra Panchayat – Baccho Ke Najarye Se
  • Self Help Group Formation and Empowerment
    Swayam Sahayta Samuh Gatan Evam Sashaktikran
  • We Are the Government in Our Village
    Hamare Gav Me Ham Sarkar
  • School Management Committees and Panchayat Level Child Protection Committees
    Vidhalya Prabandhan Samiti Evam Gram Panchayat Stariya Baal Sanrakshan Samiti
  • SGP Brochure – Institutionalizing Organic Approach in Land up Gradation to Optimizing Livelihood of Poor Families (English)
  • A Study Report of Kathodi’s Deprivation Trap 2014 (English)
  • Collected Life Stories about Water and Livelihood in the Aravalli Hills (English)
  • Bal Panchayat Minister Training Materials (English)
  • Our Participation in Child-Friendly Panchayats
    Bal Mitra Gram Panchayat Me Hamari Bhagidari
  • Bal Panchayat – An Idea
    Bal Panchayat – Ek Vichar
  • What is Child Participation?
    Bal Sahebhagita Kya Hai?
  • Building Capacity of Girls and Boys in Participation
    Shamata Sanvarddan Ke Lie Ladkiyo Aur Ladko Ki Saman Bhagidari
  • Legal Provisions Against Child Labour
    Bal Majduri Ke Viruddh Kanunee Pravdhan
  • Child-Friendly Panchayats – Child Rights for the Gram Sabha
    Bal Mitra Gram Panchayat – Bal Adhikar Hetu Gram Sabha
  • Health & Hygiene Posters
Bal Pahal
Bal Pahal is a magazine written by Bal Panchayat children. Example issues are shown below.
  • January-March 2012 Quarterly Magazine
  • April-September 2012 Quarterly Magazine
  • January-June 2013 Half-Yearly Magazine
  • October-December 2013 Quarterly Magazine
  • July-December 2013 Half-Yearly Magazine