Mahan STEP Academy

Beginning in July 2014, MSS operates Mahan STEP Academy from Manpur, which provides an English-medium education up to 5th Standard for 75 children from the local area. The academy was founded with the vision of providing local tribal youths with an opportunity to enter the IAS and RAS, which is something that no individuals from this region have achieved so far.

As such, all students are from tribal communities and the academy currently provides Primary-level education from Nursery to 5th Standard. In 2015, it is expected that this will increase to Upper Primary-level (5th-8th Standard), with Secondary (9th-12th Standard) following soon after. The academy is fully registered under the Rajasthan State Government. The core curriculum is taught, along with leadership development, personality development and cultural programmes. This ensures that children receive a well-rounded and holistic education that will prove vital in their future lives.

There are currently 4 teachers and two classrooms (rooms that are normally used as training halls within MSS’s Training and Resource Centre) while 5 dedicated classrooms are under construction. Teachers are in regular communication with parents, undertaking home visits and parent’s evenings. An SMC has also been implemented at the academy. Students pay nominal fees in order to ensure that the local community makes a contribution, helping to encourage the community to participate in the running of the academy and take responsibility for how it is managed.