Training & Resource Centre

MSS’s Training and Resource Centre is located in Manpur, Jhadol Block. The centre provides an opportunity for people in the local area to update their knowledge, improve their skills and reinforce their confidence and self-esteem so that they can take an active role in development interventions. The centre includes all necessary amenities, including a training hall and boarding facilities. Both dormitories and private bedrooms are available, and are furnished simply but comfortably with fans, storage space, bathrooms and clean drinking water.

The centre also contains organic cultivating fields that are used as demonstration plots for local farmers, particularly for growing vegetables and medicinal plants. Finally, it provides informative demonstrations on watershed management. A large number of training programmes have been held at the centre, both by MSS and other NGOs.

Finally, the centre provides a wide range of resources for Bal Panchayat’s and MSS’s other programmes. This includes Bal Bank, Bal Sports Clubs and Library facilities.